9 Years !

9 Years !

Creating a brand is like raising a child; I had to do it without knowing anything.

Nine years ago, after returning to Japan from Argentina, I felt useless and lost.
I even hated myself. I became a person who couldn't be happy for others. Everything was complicated in my life.

I knew I needed to find a job, but I had no idea what I wanted to do.
I kept asking myself, "Who do I want to be?
Do I really want a job just to make money? Is it worth my time?"

Doubts filled my head.

But one day, it just happened.

A friend reminded me that I had given them a piece of jewelry as a gift before and suggested that I create a webshop and start selling jewelry until I found my path.

When I started, I was thrilled to sell one item in a month; I even cried.

Although all my customers were initially just family and friends,
I was grateful for their support. However, some people made fun of me,
saying things like,
"You only make money through your friends.
Do you really think it will turn into a business one day?"

They looked down on me, thinking that I could never succeed.

A lot has happened in these nine years.

Despite the challenges, I kept pushing forward. My brand has grown,
and I have sold more than 1 million yen (7530USD) worth of jewelry at just one event.
Starting with zero customers, I now have over 500.


Running a jewelry brand may not have been my dream,
but it became my calling.

I'm glad I continued for this long.

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